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  • I’m sorry

    Startet av TheComfusedPotato  2 måneder siden

    Im sorry.
    Im sorry for the things that i said.
    Im sorry if you hate me.
    Im sorry for when I made you cry.
    I’m really really sorry.

    If I could.
    If I could I would have taken it back.
    If I really could.
    If I could I would have told you I loved you.
    But, what if I just can’t?

    Come back
    Come back to me, please.
    I really really miss you.
    I understand if you’re angry...
    But please come back.

    I should
    I should say sorry to you.
    I should just apologize.
    I should tell you what you want to hear.
    I should’ve done it while i could.
    And I’m really sorry.

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